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Dream Company!

So what’s your Dream Company? We ponder over this question right from the day when we chose our specific education stream to getting a graduation. Coming from a technology space, we look towards few of the leading technology giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft etc. These companies have a huge impact on the psyche of a technologist and all people who are using their product in one way or the other. With due respect to all other such companies, one company which still has more mind-space is Google. I, like most of the other folks, cannot imagine life without Google. Over the years, they have created a whole range of products some of which we are dependent heavily. Mind you, all of their products are not successful, some of them have miserably failed.

Take for instance, Google Search which is the topmost revenue generator and is market leader in this space over the years. With amount of data each of us generate minute by minute, and we want to seek more information about something or the other, search comes handy. And more often than not, we get the required information within seconds whatever we are intending to find. Google is more of a verb than a noun. Google Maps is been a integral part of us which gives us a street by street navigation details, traffic information etc with accurate details. Some of the businesses like Uber, Ola thrive on Maps. Google acquired Android 13 years ago. In 2005, Android smartphone market share was 0.5% and today in 2018 it is 85.9%. These numbers are staggering. Gmail as a email client and Chrome as a browser platform are some of the other winning products from a wide range of products Google offers.

So how does these products thrive and continue to delight us every time we use it and take benefits from it? Its simply because they continuously reinvent it. These products have adopted upcoming technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning in a big way one can ever imagine. For instance Gmail, after coming up with auto replies based on the content of the mail, now can auto compose mails. A bot can take the place of your customer executive and can take your pizza delivery through a phone by having a human like conversation with your customer giving you a feeling that you jst conversed with a human. With Augmented Reality, one can navigate using Maps quite easily like never before. Being a AI/ML enthusiast, and by early adoption by Google for these products which has already created a mind space, it delights the customer even more and without knowing one acquires new habit to deal with the product.

With innovation at its core, it’s vibrant culture, conducive environment to create more innovative products and lead by someone like Sundar Pichai (I admire the most in tech industry), Google is still the dream company I aspire to work for some day.