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Travel Diaries-Kolhapur

It was Gudi Padwa(Ugadi)-Hindu New Year and I embarked on a journey to Kolhapur in Maharashtra to visit MahaLaxmi Temple on this auspicious day. This photo blog is entirely based on my experiences in Kolhapur.

I was traveling on a Volvo in a overnight journey from Bengaluru to Kolhapur. After a good night sleep and upon nearing Kolhapur early morning, had a Maharastrian break fast in a pit stop after witnessing this beautiful sunrise.

IMG_20150321_065534  IMG_20150321_103219  IMG_20150321_103921

The Shri Mahalaxmi(AmbaBai) temple, first built in 7th century is one of the Shakti Peethas listed in Hindu Puranas. It is believed that the divine couple of Vishnu and Mahalaxmi reside here.

IMG_20150321_104136 IMG_20150321_103731 IMG_20150321_103723

The deity of Goddess Mahalaxmi, made of gemstone weighing around 40 kilos is considered to be at least 5000 to 6000 years old.

IMG_20150321_103246   IMG_20150321_103225 IMG_20150321_153408

Unlike many temples where the idols of God face north or east direction, here the idol faces the west with a small open window open on the western side.Once a year during sunset, sun rays falls on the face of the image through this window. This festival called as KiranUtsav, is believed to be very auspicious and devotees throng the temple in large numbers.

IMG_20150321_111748 IMG_20150321_113127 IMG_20150321_110846

Rathotsav (annual chariot festival) bearing silver representation of Goddess decorated with flowers is taken out for procession around the city in April celebrated with all the pomp and glory.

IMG_20150321_113437  IMG_20150321_113451IMG_20150321_112045

This temple is an exemplary specimen of Vesar style of architecture in Maharashtra. Vesar is a confluence of Nagar and Dravidian style. In this style, temples have a complex with several small shrines around the main shrine.


Flower market outside the temple is quite a spectacle too. Have a look.

IMG_20150321_151959   IMG_20150321_153851IMG_20150321_153911

IMG_20150321_153820  IMG_20150321_152239 IMG_20150321_153924

After the Devi pooja, I headed to some pet-pooja as it was time for lunch. Kolhapur is famous for very aromatic and spicy mutton curry called tambda rassa. However since it was a festival, was prohibited to have non veg food and settled for a very satisfying Maharshtrian meal- baakri(roti) and viangan bharatha(baigan ka bhartha) in Gokul restaurant which serves very good food for vegans.

IMG_20150321_141237 IMG_20150321_144521

After a satisfying meal, it was time to head to Shree Chhatrapati Shahu Museum also called as New Palace museum. Built in 1884, the architecture of the palace is a combination of Jain and Hindu influences and local Rajwada style.

IMG_20150321_131040 IMG_20150321_130651

This museum is dedicated to fine collection of possessions of Chhatrapaties of Kolhapur like costumes, weapons, jewelery,embroidery,games, silver elephant saddles,stuffed tigers, tiger heads, wild boar,black buck etc.The Darbar hall occupies a double height space, while the side halls display lobed arches filled with stained glass illustrating scenes from life of Shivaji.


After a great showcase of regions history through this museum visit, I headed to city market for some shopping and some temple runs. Kolhapur is famous for hand crafted leather slippers called as Kolhapuris that are locally tanned.

IMG_20150321_155513 IMG_20150321_155748 IMG_20150321_155707

IMG_20150321_134432  IMG_20150321_134309  IMG_20150321_133047

IMG_20150321_161819 IMG_20150321_174133 IMG_20150321_171904

Then in the pleasant evening, I headed to Rankala Lake  for boating which is serene and picturesque on the western side of Mahalaxmi temple. This wide and spacious lake is so called as at its centre lies the temple of Rankabhairav.

IMG_20150321_183651IMG_20150321_180529 IMG_20150321_175020

It also hosts another palace which is inaccessible to common public.

IMG_20150321_181321  IMG_20150321_183727


And then signed off after having a delicious street food- some bhel puri and a fruit salad.

IMG_20150321_190005 IMG_20150321_160429

It was a nice time in Kolhapur. Hope you enjoyed it too. Until next time we meet, Be Good,Do Good And Keep Smiling 🙂

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