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Dev Da Story

Caution: This is a fictional story. Any instances related to any person living or dead is unintentional. However if many are able to relate to this story I would be very happy.

 This is story of our hero- Dev,a IT professional.
 Mumbai, Friday 11am: TGIF-This is what IT professionals think when they go out to work on a Friday. They somehow want to finish their pending tasks of the week so that they can sneak out asap and look forward to another super weekend.Just when Dev was busy giving finishing touches to the design document which he had to deliver EOD, he got a call from his dad which was unusual at this time of the day. He is told to leave to Chennai on the same day without being given proper reason and he knows that he can’t win on a argument with his dad. So our hero boards Chennai Express dropping his weekend plans only to receive flak from his friends who had planned for hiking.
 Chennai,Saturday 10am: Dev reaches his uncle’s house and is stunned to see all his immediate relatives along with his parents. He is not asked for any breakfast but just to freshen up and get ready to see his fiance. Our hero who was chalaak had sensed something was cooking without his notice. Last thing he expected was to see a girl. To be frank, he was not ready. He had planned for a career switch as he hated his IT job as many other blokes. He had also planned to buy a house and had to make some important financial decisions. He had planned for his marriage some 2-3 years down the line when he gets settled with career and house of his choice. But now everything was preplanned by the high command(read parents).99% of all the arrangements were already done. They were only waiting for Kabool Hai from their son which they were anyway expecting.
Dev had made up his mind. He will see the girl according to his parents wish, but reject her or get rejected and close the chapter. The girl’s arrival was expected anytime soon and this plan looked sensible and doable. So the girl arrives with her parents.They are greeted and pampered as though they are celebrities. It’s time for naastha paani and some home made sweets specially made for the guests. Now that naastha is done, it’s time for serious talk. But everything is set among the parents. Only some talk about the arrangements are pending. And they expect their children to agree for marriage and do some personal talk among themselves. Our hero senses an opportunity here and goes to the room along with his fiance. He is bit nervous too as he doesn’t know what the girl thinks about all the recent developments. Being a guy he takes the initiative and starts the talk. He starts that this was all of a surprise for him and he had no clue what his parents were planning for him. He had to come here in Chennai on a very short notice. He didn’t even see her photo and was told about this development when he reached here. No comments from girl yet and she is in listening mode. Dev thinks Ab kuch toh bolo meri maa. Now that girl is not responding,Dev switches to Plan B. He says I am not ready for marriage. No reactions yet from the girl. Seems girl is unfazed by his explanation and is acting as per her parents wishes. Now hero decides her to give some gyaan. He tells her that you’re beautiful, young(barely 22) and working with a reputed company. Tujhe toh koi bhi mil jayega. Now girl reciprocates and blinks her eyes.She is still not talking but Dev feels encouraged by her acknowledgement. Further to help his cause, Dev brings upon his Brahma Astra and says he is addicted to bad habits. He says he smokes daily and drinks alcohol often. Even his parents are unaware of this and he is revealing it for the first time apart from some of his friends. Hero being good at heart says that it will not be good if he rejects such a sushil girl. Instead if girl reveals to her parents that she didn’t like the guy then it would end smoothly. Hearing this girl speaks for the first time. She says that she seem to understand him quite a bit and tells him that she will handle this situation in her own way by rejecting his proposal without revealing his secret. Hero thinks he has nailed it,feels assured and thanks the girl profusely. Meanwhile parents have already fixed the engagement date and are finalizing the various arrangements.

To be continued…..

Wait for the next/last installment.
Phir Milenge..

P.S : Some of the IT terms used are explained further.
TGIF: Thank God it’s Friday!!
EOD: End of day.

2 responses

  1. oye…kahin ye kisike (read Harsha) real life story se inspired to nahi hai !!!? 🙂

    March 31, 2014 at 9:02 am

    • 🙂 Nahin Guruji. Apke aashirwad se yeh ghatna meri life ki nahi hai. Jai Guru Dev !!

      March 31, 2014 at 9:06 am

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