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Sirsi Jatra 2014–Rathotstav

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Where were we? Oh yeah, we had seen all traditions/customs performed on first day of jatra in the Marikamba temple. Now it’s time for Rathotstav where Marikamba Devi is taken into a chariot and rowed from temple premises to Bidki Bail(town centre). So let’s start our journey from the temple.


As we traverse, there are lot of dol thashas/drum rolls from different parts performing their act.


Scorching heat but no dip in enthusiasm.


Swarm of people to witness Goddess and get blessed.


Multitude of Devotees..                                                                                                  “Vajra”- Police wing to the rescue of people if any eventualities.


Goddess Marikamba.




After Goddess is placed in Bidki Bail where people are allowed to take darshan from very close quarters only during these 8 days.

Rathotsav(Chariot procession) and our journey from the temple culminates in Bidki Bail near Shivaji Chowk.

Good bye until next time we meet for yet another journey..



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